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Pinelli Estate Rosé

At Pinelli Estate, our Rosés are made by gently crushing red grapes and then collecting the blush coloured juice that results after a short period of contact with the skins of the grape.

From here, the juice is treated much like a white wine using cold fermentation as we want to maximise the fruit characters within the wine.

Once fermentation is complete, we clarify, filter and bottle using screw caps to ensure that the freshness is retained during ageing. And as a bonus, making them easier to open.

Live like a European by enjoying the virtues of a glass of Rosè on a summer’s day or for lunch with friends.

Breanna Rosé 2021

The Pinelli Estate Breanna Rosé has consistently won awards for its freshness, balance and depth of flavour.

A flavoursome wine with red cherry, strawberry and raspberry characters throughout and a finish that is clean and dry with well-balanced sweetness and acidity.

An ideal accompaniment to pork belly, an antipasto platter or a lazy summer’s afternoon with friends and family.