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Fortified Wines

Pinelli Estate Fortified Wines

Depending on the style of wine being made, a fortified wine can be made from either red or white grapes. The grapes are left on the vine for a longer period to encourage ripe raisin and currant characters.

The grapes are then crushed and fermented in a style similar to how we make a Pinelli Estate red or white wine.  The addition of spirit increases the alcohol content so that fermenting yeast cannot survive. This allows the wine to age without the chance of re-fermenting.

The resulting wine is sweet and with a higher alcohol content. At Pinelli, we then leave the wine to age for many years in aged oak barrels which allow oxygen into the wine through the wood which gives our Fortified wines a richness and further complexity.

Aged Tawny

An approximately 8 year old blend.  Rich and complex characters of dried fruit on a smooth palate with a warming finish.  

Perfect to enjoy after a meal with a coffee, soft cheeses or with any dessert.

Bottle Price: $32

Grand Tawny

Approximately 20 year old belend, this Tawny is a luscious and richly flavoured with intense characters of dates, toffee and honey.
Excellent accompaniment to any dessert such as a crème brulèe or a cheese platter of mature cheeses.

Gold medal – Swan Valley Wineshow 2017
Silver medal – Swan Valley Wineshow 2018

Bottle Price: $65

Liqueur Verdelho

Soft, smooth and flavoursome palate with honey and roast almond characters with a lingering finish.

Perfect to enjoy after a meal with a cheesecake or Pavlova.